01 Jan 1970 |



The Raw Roots sound system was developed during these dread times within the context of the ongoing struggle for African Liberation and the push for greater recognition rights and freedoms for all Rastafarian brethren and sistren, at home and abroad.

about1Raw Roots sound is renown for playing its distinctive brand of Roots Rock Reggae music. While most of the reputable sound systems from the 70s, 80s and 90s ground to a halt or gravitated towards dancehall and bashment music, Raw Roots refused to compromise and continued to remain true to its raw roots.

about2Indeed, for a while Raw Roots, with its distinctive brand of deep Roots Rock Reggae music, were deemed to be too deep for many of the masses who appeared to have shunned their underground roots in favour of hydroponics (exposed roots). More recently, Raw Roots has staged several free annual community events in Handsworth and neighbouring Communities; on 23rd July to celebrate the life of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1st of Ethiopia.

Over the years Raw Roots has also emerged as a central point/hub for all things relating to Roots, Rock, Reggae, music and Rasta way of life; including previously unseen footage of H.I.M. LIVE Roots Rock Reggae concerts of various artists including documentaries, films and other sought after archive material. This web page represents almost forty years of Raw Roots material for your entertainment.