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Should I end my relationship


Anonymous asks :

Hi Miss Science,

I just need advice about a guy I have been dating. I met this guy online and so far we have been on three dates and we seem to have things common and we get on quite well. We have been texting each other every day yet for some reason part of me don’t feel quite sure about this guy.

I just can’t see myself introducing him to my family yet there is nothing that is wrong with him so I’m not sure why I feel this way and why I can’t imagine him talking to my family. So should I end it before I lead him on or should I wait and see if any feelings develop ?

Hi Anonymous,

Often a gut reaction is there for a reason, however sometimes you can be proved wrong. Although he might be dating you- getting along with your family can makes things easier because they fit in with you all- not just you. That said many relationships do survive when a partner doesn’t gel well with the family, it makes things harder but not impossible.

If you are unsure if they’ll get along, then why not introduce them and see how it goes? You might find that you were worrying over nothing. Plus the conversation you have with one another might be different to the one you have with your folks. Expect a little awkwardness at first, but this may fade with time and familiarity.

On the flip side, there may be nothing wrong with the person you are dating, just that they are not right for you. This can be off-putting when you are trying to find fault with the person you’re dating to justify why you feel like walking away.

You could go out on a few more dates and see if your feelings grow, however if your instinct is telling you it isn’t right, then perhaps it’s not. I would urge you to figure this out first because if you introduce him to your family while you’re still not sure, this could complicate things further by adding other people’s opinions into the mix.