01 Jan 1970 |

state of Africa







Greetings! African Americans, U.K. Africans, African Caribbean’s and all Africans on the continent. Yeah! One big African family. Repatriation is not what makes us African, you born African.

juda7As the veil is being lifted off the eyes of the African, awakening now from his sleepless slumber, we must not allow history to repeat itself upon Africa and Africans. 1000 years ago, African leaders sold us out to Arabs and that slave trade scattered us over the middle and Far East. 500 years ago African leaders sold us out in the Atlantic Slave Trade which is why we are scattered over the New World. My concern is with the African leader now! Today a global rush is taking place for Africa’s minerals to develop foreign countries. The leaders in the African Union are stuck with the mud of corruption all over.

Real people want to see Africa forward and develop to their rightful place in world affairs, rid itself of hunger, disease and poverty. Reverse the brain drain, caused by wars, famine and tribalism. African family members, we should take a keen interest in the African Union and where the leadership is directing Africa and Africans. Can’t allow another Sell Out!


I ask the African Union, where is the initiative to encourage the African family scattered globally, through no fault of their own to the land of their origin ? To visit we need visa and you’re treated as any foreigner. Unless we have a vast amount of finance for investment, there is no concessions as a native or member of the African family to obtain land either for domestic, commercial or
industrial development. No incentive from the African Union to develop the brain Poole of Africa, yet look how big the African brain Poole is globally. In modern times, where is the institutions to accommodate such opportunities.

I think, African family members home and abroad, should campaign more for rights to be accepted and recognised as African natives within the African Union. Seeking equal rights and justice from a slave master in a state where plantations laws governs, rewards only a better positions for house niggers. Use are energy instead to press the African Union for the right to travel to and from without visa and incorporate us in the constitution of the African Union. European leaders cannot implement land concessions, plus it is not up to Europeans to allow us the rights of passage to travel or settle as residents on the continent.


What if, the African family abroad could have members at the table of the African Union maybe the rewards would be more empowering. Expose the sell-out leaders, implement real programmes and with the African Union recognition we would be more confident to deal with international humanitarian laws. It has been in recent news, that CARICOM is seeking reparation for slavery. I say, them leaders want sell-out a continent for a few small islands. We must be able to see our leader’s accountability, they are to open to us and us to them as to our State/Status home and abroad. We are one African family.