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Should they pay reparations

for slavery ?

Esther Stanford


Noun: reparation

The action of making amends for a wrong one has done, by providing payment or other assistance to those who been wronged.

“The courts required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim.”

Synonyms: amends, compensation, redress, repayment, repair the damage:

What are the on going effects of slavery ?

rep4Well basically slavery and genocide has impacted not only the historical populations that were kidnapped from Africa, but also those of us who are the descendants of the enslaved today.

 It’s not only trauma and multigenerational oppression the whole discussion about wealth. There has been unjust enrichment to Briton and there has been unjust impoverishment which has been passed on throughout the generations so part of the legacy is this huge inequality that we see today between the descendants of the enslavers and the descendants of the enslaved.

rep2Psychological scars, and the lack of identity, not knowing who we are. And lack of nationhood. Which is what makes us human beings and is about having 2nd class citizenship where ever we have been located in the aftermath of slavery. Social theorist and psychologist say the negative legacy are the internalization of racism, self-hate (changing our looks to emulate the image of their enslavers) anti Africa sentiments (predigest and discrimination). The slave owners were paid enormous amounts of money, billions in 1838.
The current impact of 400 years of slavery on the descendants are still with us today, the lack of real equal opportunity, we need economic powers, debt cancelation which were imposed on the black nations through the legacy of slavery (colonialism) Haiti are still paying the French for so called lost. you can on a small level see the effects of domestic violence, on the wife / husband and children just does not disappear overnight as soon as you jump out the relationship and so with slavery the 400 years of degrading brainwashing the mind of a nation making it seem like they were born to be slaves and justification through them white Jesus so god is white syndrome.

rep3How do we repair the damage that the impact of 400 years of slavery and colonialism. how do we make this world a better place a fairer society would a bundle of money placed in the right institutions help to recover the nation impoverished Africans.
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When the Jews suffered there holocaust at the hands of the Nazi everyone recognized that injustice, is it because it was whites against whites.


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Dr Khalid

“I am concerned with the suffering and the pain of the masses of black people no one wants to pay reparations for that. The Jews received over 100 billion dollars in reparations for the Jewish holocaust and gets 4 billion annually a holocaust museum was set in America for over 200 million dollars. The Catholic Church, the pope, the Jews the Arabs, white people in general no one wants to give the sons and daughters of Africa reparations for the African holocaust.”

Our countries are supposedly in debt to the European powers, but there is a concept in law called odious debt, were we are not acknowledging any debt we owe you because in fact you owe us. The money which should be spent on developing social, Educational, health and welfare services are going back into the hands of the Europeans.

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